About Semantics

Of course the academics are important. They're vital, in fact. But, college is not just about the academics. Consider the research on college student retention, which tells us that only 40% of students graduate within six years of starting their degrees. Or that of the students who leave college, most do so because they are unable to adjust to, handle, or otherwise navigate the college experience. Or that of the students who graduate, nearly 80% of what they'll learn will take place outside of the classroom.

So although the academics are a vital component of the college experience, college is not just about the academics. For, students have to be much more than just academically equipped in order to succeed in college, they must also be socially, emotionally, and psychologically capable of handling the rigors of the college experience.

Enter SEMANTICS, a high-energy training program that teaches students how to create their own successful college experiences by exploring universal college lessons (such as character development, overcoming adversity, and unlearning prejudices) and examining strategies for navigating those lessons. Using personal development as a framework, SEMANTICS empowers students to:

  • Identify the why behind the college experience
  • Develop skills to navigate the outside-of-the-classroom lessons and handle the rigors of college
  • Learn life skills that will stay with them as they enter adulthood
  • Have more enriched college experiences

SEMANTICS is ideal for high school seniors, college students, and student leaders of all ages, and would be perfect for a senior assembly program, graduation ceremony, or student leadership training, orientation, or conference. It is also a great way to facilitate trust and teambuilding amongst student groups or energize students about the college experience!

SEMANTICS is based on A Matter of Semantics, the book Abdul wrote, which provides an outside-of-the-classroom look at the critical lessons students learn during college. Interested in learning even more about SEMANTICS? Click here to read the different ways SEMANTICS can be used for your students. Or contact us to discuss how SEMANTICS can help turn your goals of what you would like to see for your students into a reality your students will find both enlightening and engaging.

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