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Welcome to the Semantics blog!

This blog began several years ago, it just didn’t exist in the physical form. It was alive, although only in my mind – living, breathing, and existing, even before it had core elements of life, breath, or existence. It was inspiring me at a time when I wanted to shout from the rooftops about education and all of its benefits. But, what I had to say wasn’t just about the educational system. At a time when I wanted to brag and boast about the beauty and surreal nature of the college experience, and all of the ways it transforms students – turning teens with no sense of self into adults with purpose, poise, and a plan. But, what I wanted to say wasn’t just about the college experience. At a time when I wanted to communicate about young adulthood – adult angst and even the quarter-life crisis. But, what I wanted to say wasn’t just about being a young adult. So, there it sat, in my mind – living, breathing, and existing, even though it did not have life, breath, or existence.

Today though, I find myself in more of a different place. One where I am not struggling to define and differentiate my thoughts and values, my attitude and outlook. Putting how I feel or what I think into boxes where they’ll stay until I decide to move them. Sometimes, they move me! They merge and oftentimes, they intertwine. Sometimes, they go places I had never thought they would go, and sometimes they stay right where I put them.

So, how does this all translate into our journey together? (Yes, I’m asking you to be a part of this journey with me) This blog represents an extension of me – more specifically, that part of me that has acquired experiences, abilities, and knowledge about education and the college environment, students (whether they are 8th graders or college seniors) and student development, writing and self-reflection, fighting for equality and social justice (feminism, anyone?!), and adulthood and other such transformational entities. These are the entities that have some of the most profound impact on young people, and that is who this blog is dedicated to – young people, and everyone who wants to see young people succeed.

Even though every Sunday I root for my favorite football team, and every summer I root for my favorite baseball team, you won’t find any blogs or messages about such things, unless, of course, there is some connection or correlation to young people or education, the college experience, or social justice.

Instead, our topics will have one thing in common — how certain experiences transform us, and make us into better people, and allow us to make the world a better place, for my children and your children, my brothers and your sisters, today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders, and young people everywhere. That’s part of my purpose here — is to initiate a dialogue and an idea exchange about transformational entities that are germane to young people; entities that have some sort of connection to the college experience.

There it is. That’s what I’m about (at this moment in life, anyway). This is what has been living, breathing, and existing in mind, over all these years! I look forward to chatting with you! But, don’t keep it just between us. Share this with the friends and family members in your lives, the social circles in which you participate, and the young people you love to influence. Together, our journey will be more diverse and more enriched, just like the college experience. I look forward to the journey, and I look forward to the journey with you!



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