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The Leaves Waved Hello to me Again Today

A poem I wrote some years ago, during a time when I was felt torn between what is, and what could be. Between what I saw everyday, and what I had never seen. Between two different paths, that would never cross. As I sit here now, I am just as torn as I had been, some years ago…although I find comfort in knowing that more good can come out of the process of choosing, as would come out of the outcome or end result. I hope you enjoy this piece, for all those times you might feel torn.


“The Leaves Waved Hello to me Again Today”

The leaves waved hello to me today;

They were unmoved by the snobbish grin masking my thoughts of being amongst the crashing waves.

The leaves simply waved an outstretched hand as I passed her by.

Her limbs were full of vibrant colors – greens, and yellows, and oranges

Contrasting brilliantly against the bright blue sky;

She did not ask where I was traveling to,

But simply wished me well along my way.

She greeted me with a smile that is as warm as a mother’s touch –

Like a-glass-of-warm-milk comforting or put-your-fears-to-rest soothing.


I felt abandoned

As I looked about.

Where were the blue waters that brought such tranquility?

And the sparkling stars that allowed me to dream?

The leaves saw anxiety dancing in my eyes,

And heard me sigh over the sand I could feel slipping through my finger tips.

She made promises that braches bearing the ripest apples and perkiest peaches

Would hang so low they would tickle my taste buds;

Of winds so gentle they would ruffle the curls in my lover’s hair;

And of the sun luminously setting behind the mountains, coloring the pale blue sky yellow, orange, and red.

I could not ask the leaves why she adored me so,

And wanted to make me the prince of her colorful town.

I stared at her invitation,

And pondered:

How could I not feel relaxed while sitting on her cottony blades of grass?

How could I not find solace in watching the chameleonic clouds floating in her skies?

And how could I not yearn to live in a vibrant world where smiles are warm and welcoming, and not cold and contrived;

As I sped along the highway, she continued waving,

And finally,

I waved back.

Perhaps I will open the door to the town of the leaves,

And leave the sand and water for another.

I smiled, sending back her invitation with a maybe;

Well, a definite maybe –



I think I can get used to a life amongst the leaves.

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