Today I Cried (poem)

People often ask me, what made or motivated or inspired me to write “A Matter of Semantics”. For me, the answer is easy – the experience I had at Quinnipiac College (although now it is Quinnipiac University). But that simple answer doesn’t do justice to what I actually feel. So to give a better sense, here is a poem I wrote after graduating from the Q! This is truly how “A Matter of Semantics” started. I hope you enjoy!

Today I cried.

But yesterday,

I was blissfully escaping in a sanctified imaginary world;

And as it commenced,

The blur and overabundance of joy took away my breath,

And I had neither time nor energy to shed a tear.

So today,

I cried.

And the already widened smiles of my comrades expanded as the day wore on.

While some expressions reflected the joy and relief of the coursework’s completion,

Others echoed emotional and psychological maturation.

So for my classmate,

I cried.

The recurrences are picturesque; too vivid, in fact:

Each day so beautiful that heavenly sprites envied our dominion;

Whether basking in the sun or gaily strolling to classes;

Surrounded by companions, who multiplied every day;

Feeding off of each other’s overabundance of exuberance;

Talking with friends ‘til sunrise;

And the fortune of finding a lover, the unrest brought along by her departure, and the elation as she re-surged as my soul mate.

So today, I cried.

The initial trepidations, as butterflies danced wildly in my belly;

The hesitation to emerge truly from within;

Steering into the sophomoric stone, where, oft times, stumbling over my own stupidity;

The acquaintances I granted permission to enter into my realm;

The continual churning through hardships which followed;

The perseverance and resiliency attained;

And those acquaintances that grew into friends;

Then, the understanding of my surrounding’s great nuances;

As well as the progressions made which allowed me to conceptualize the external world’s affairs –

I knew I could effectively affect such substantial subject matters;

Relishing the time which would imminently end;

And finally, last minute indulgences and future preparations

Took away my breath and swept away time.

So today, for myself,

I cried.

Encountering the fantastic winds of joy, frustration, anger, sadness, triumph and later, for celebratory occasions, inebriation – blissful indeed!

And for having experienced irresponsibility accountable,

Immortality within surrealism,

Today I’ve already cried.

And though, alas, it has been eons since the last hour has passed,

Still I long for my comforting fortress

To shield me from the acidic downpour of realism;

Alas, I am but a fantasist cemented in this melancholic world,

So today, I cried.

And because I already have taken my trip into that supernatural world,

And will not have another like it,

Tomorrow, I’ll cry.

And I too once was a dark despondent entity, but I’ve since grown into a majestic man.

And Quinnipiac will be forever tattooed upon my heart.

And for that experience alone,


I cried.

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  1. jessica says:

    your take on how college has affected you as a man, friend, professional, and overall person is truly inspiring and i hope all young people get to read this!

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