If I Were the Wind

The wind hurries past trees – branches sway left, then, right

The bright blue sky turns pale as it approaches the horizon

Sun rays illuminate thick white patches of clouds that float by

We lay hand-in-hand, basking in our final moments together

There is much ado as we part ways, as tears streak down young faces

We embrace, wrapping limb around limb

And squeezing, until a piece of our hearts have seeped inside each other’s

Oh, how time passes much like the wind – alas, it will not stand still –

Knowing not the massive tree trunks that are our good times,

It continues to fly; hurrying along to bring but a puddle of rain,

And then, always, bright blue skies that turn pale.

Sadly, for now, you exist only in vivid memories that I recall

A blue jay sails through the sky, and again, I’m reminded of you.

I wonder if he hears my song, and if he’ll deliver to you my message?

The wind blows again; candy wrappers from nearby children glide in the air

And my recollections are carried away too.

In a white skirt that you hold against your thighs whenever the wind gusts by.

Oh, how I dream, to be the wind,

Just to see your soft thighs that thicken beyond your skirt’s hem;

Meeting the bikini that caresses the softness and roundness of your ass –

How voluptuous indeed I know your ass to be.

Oh, I only wish that I was the wind, so that I could be closer to you

I see you so vividly (that I wonder if you can see me too) wearing a white tank top,

That you hold against your bosom whenever the wind blows,

Freeing the napkin from you fingers, as you kneel to retrieve it.

Oh, how I dream to be the wind,

Just to be able to sail through your shirt,

And catch a whiff of your feminine scent radiating from your bosom

I think of your breasts – the dual mounds of succulent flesh

Held firmly against your chest by your lacey bra, bright and white, peeking through.

How voluptuous indeed I know your breasts to be,

And I wish that I was the wind.

A patch of clouds eclipses the sun and the trees stand still.

Has the blue jay delivered my message yet?

Chirps ring in the distance – birds exclaim their love through song

Mild blue skies are on the horizon; I wonder where the wind hath gone

And I still wish that I were the wind –

To disappear in your presence and hear the gayness in your laughter

And feel the vivacity you display when animated;

To dance with you to the blue jays’ melodies resonating in the distance;

To be magnetized and blinded by your love, just as I am by the sun;

To fly through the curls and waves in your hair;

To brush against your lips, and caress you;

To stop suddenly, and gaze into your eyes, and peer into your soul;

Cradling your heart in my arms, but for a moment;

Then being swept away, leaving a love note reverberating in your ears; To be near you, to be the wind, just for a moment.

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