About Abdul

Abdul’s passion for working with students is undeniable. His enthusiasm for training and education is endless. His knowledge of student success and expertise in student development is vast. Those are just some of the elements that make Abdul the perfect speaker for your next program!

Using excellent platform skills as well as interactive and introspective facilitation techniques, Abdul is able to keep audiences engaged, and help audiences digest complex topics in ways that makes sense for them, using language that makes sense for them.

Although his goal is to inspire students, Abdul does not consider himself to be a motivational speaker. Instead, Abdul considers himself to be an educator and trainer, who prepares students for the college experience and provides students with strategies for navigating the lessons the college experience offers.

In addition to being a speaker, Abdul is also an author! His book, A Matter of Semantics, serves as the content for the SEMANTICS speaking programs.

Prior to being a speaker, Abdul held a variety of professional titles – from student leadership facilitator to counselor and from corporate trainer to sexual assault prevention specialist (another one of his passions!) – and each position enabled him to do what he loves most: making a difference in the lives of others.

Abdul is a proud alumnus of Quinnipiac University, and his experiences there served as the impetus for A Matter of Semantics.

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