A Matter of Semantics provides an outside-of-the-class look at the critical lessons students learn during college, as a way of illustrating that college is not just about the academics and that the outside-of-the-classroom experiences will have just as much impact (if not, more) than students' academic experiences, so as to encourage students to spend as much time developing their social, emotional, and psychological selves as they spend developing their academic selves, so they will have more meaningful and successful experiences in college and in life. By providing a distinct look into the college experience, A Matter of Semantics describes life lessons the college experience offers students and strategies for navigating those lesson. Here are just a few excerpts:

Chapter 7: Lessons You Learn About Unlearning Prejudices, Redefining Diversity, & Practicing Acceptance

You may not have seen it, but chances are, that girl in your school felt like she was one of those monsters from Chuck E. Cheese's, with horns rising from her head, fangs hanging from her mouth, and warts all over her face. You may not have noticed it, but every day, she received a look from the students in your school that may as well have said she's not like us, she's one of them. Their kind. Those people. The Others.

Chapter 4: Lessons You Learn About Overcoming Adversity

The first night, you might have a few beers or eat a half galloon of ice cream to mask the emotional, psychological, and physical pains. That (self-medication) will help, but only for one night. When you wake up, that setback will be exactly where you left it – hanging over your head, like a dark cloud, waiting for you, as you desperately try figuring out a way to shield yourself from the storm. The pervasive thought – why me – will consume your thoughts, and you will want to feel sorry for yourself, as you demand to know why life hates you, why life did this to you. You will have so many questions, but there will only be one question that will actually provide you with a sense of direction. But you won't be ready for it, yet.

Chapter 9: Lessons You Learn about Self-Actualization

But, there was one basic flaw with their advice – it represented their wants, hopes, and dreams for you, instead of the wants, hopes, and dreams you have for yourself…You will not be able to unleash your authentic self until you throw away people's expectations. It starts with asking yourself one basic question – Is this who I am? Or, is this merely who everyone is expecting me to be?

As for the title – the institution of higher education is unparalleled in its ability to provide young adults with opportunities to learn and grow in ways no other institution can offer; so as long as teenagers go on to college, wherever they decide to pursue their education will, in the end, become just a matter of semantics.

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